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Reacting to a fast-changing environment is necessary for success in retail and hospitality. Gain visibility, operational efficiency and cut costs with a unified retail platform.

Be in control of your business

Have all business processes and key information under control. Manage prices, scale your business and understand customer needs from one central source.

Meet customer demand and boost retention

Get clear, real-time information on your customers’ habits, preferences and behaviours to offer secure payments, self-service checkout options and create effective loyalty programs.

Reduce cost and maximise revenue

Eliminate the waste, inefficiencies and complexity that come with using multiple software solutions. We can help you reduce system admin costs, keep track of KPIs, reduce manual work and base your decisions on reliable data.

LS Retail

Technology for retail businesses with big ambitions

LS Central brings together in one single platform financials (the Microsoft ERP), Point of Sale (POS), store operations, supply chain management, inventory, eCommerce, and customer loyalty.

All data is stored in one central place, so you can keep track of your
financials, sales, inventory, staff and revenue in real time, across your
locations and channels.

Say goodbye to uncontrolled costs, expensive upgrades, 

and integrations that break down.

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Retail Solutions

Why choose us?

We offer you a scalable and flexible Unified Cloud Retail Solution which runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • ANZ most experienced retail consultants
  • Over 20 years hands-on retail industry experience
  • Dedicated retail specialist team
  • True 24x7 support desk
  • Rapid deployment
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Retail Solutions

Gain visibility of your supermarket and grocery stores

With LS Retail unified software, you can run all your business processes using just one software platform for your whole business. Maintain complete overview and control over what’s going on in your physical and online stores, boost loyalty, cut queues, offer personalized offers and campaigns online and in-store, and optimize pricing, offers and promotions. All you need to run a successful grocery store or supermarket.

Grow customer loyalty with great offers and promotions

Attract and retain customers with the right prices, offers and promotions. Set prices, offers and promotions centrally. Updates are automatically rolled out to all touchpoints and devices e.g., POS, electronic labels and eCommerce sites. Offer loyalty programs with flexible options. Create multiple offers and promotions. The system automatically applies all valid offers. Track and report on promotional campaigns.

Take control of your Inventory

Reduce the risk of out of stocks while keeping inventory levels low and minimise waste and spoilage. Automation of inventory reordering. Stop wasting time and resources on deciding what to reorder. Effectively replenish products with very different lifecycles, from fresh goods, to canned ones, to non-perishable items. Manage inventory tasks such as counting, picking, stock requests, transfers, and adjustments on stationary and handheld devices.

Gain a clear overview of your pharmacy buisness

Manage all of your locations from one central location. Make key decisions centrally and roll out to all store locations immediately.

Handle manual and e-prescriptions

Accept both paper and electronic prescriptions. Storing of electronic copies of paper prescriptions.

Better customer service

Deliver a more personalised service to your customers. Suggest a generic medicine instead of a branded one that was prescribed.

Take control of your Inventory

The LS Retail pharmacy POS terminal is not simply a sales device. Use it to check up-to-date inventory, store and location data.

Complete visibility over your business

Clearly see all your business processes and information in one central place. Oversee and manage your locations and franchises from one location. Centrally control prices, recipes, menus, offers and campaigns. Monitor and analyse real-time revenue and costs, and quickly spot trends and opportunities. Detailed real-time reports with the information you need. Configure the system to comply with each region’s legal and fiscal requirements

Boost customer loyalty

Deliver exceptional customer service and grow repeat business. Take contactless orders and payments at the table with a mobile POS or self-ordering device. Let your guests customise their order, adding and removing ingredients. Personalise promotions, offers and meal deals to each guest. -Display accurate ingredient and allergen information at the POS, online, and on the self-ordering devices. Flexible Loyalty programs

Eliminate errors and waste

Use real-time, reliable data to reduce waste and inefficiencies. Price your dishes correctly to ensure profit. Order the correct quantities of ingredients and distribute them smartly. Ensure guests receive exactly the dish they ordered, at the right time. Optimise floor space and timings with table bookings. Reduce manual work and mistakes with automations. Cut IT and training costs by using just one software solution across the business.

Holistic view of your convenience stores & pump operations

Petrol and forecourt operators typically use multiple software solutions to manage their different units. Creating, managing and running multiple systems is time consuming, costly and may lead to inconsistent data. LS Central for Forecourts is a highly intuitive POS systems and fully integrated business management software addressing all the aspects of a forecourt business, in one powerful, flexible solution, saving you the time and costs of managing and maintaining multiple applications.

Petrol pump management

Enhance your efficiency by gaining full control of your petrol pump operations from the POS. The system lets you authorise, pause, stop, lock and unlock all pumps. You can also choose to stop them or release them in case of emergency. LS Forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries, but data that is not automated –for example tank dip readings, pump volumes and delivery notes – can be entered manually, easy and fast. The highly-automated pumps control considerably speeds up transaction processing.

Price & promotions management

Roll out a wide variety of pricing structures from one central location. Any changes to prices can be distributed immediately to all relevant stores. Pricing can be scheduled to change on an agreed frequency. Create as many offers and promos as you want. The system automatically applies all valid offers.

Keep track of your business from one central system

Get a centralised, real-time view of all your key information: products, sales online and in store, customers, and more. Set prices and roll out to all stores immediately. Use reports to make more informed business decisions.

Book appointments and consultations

Manage client reservations, appointments, services, and even special events from one central system. Track work orders for repairs and adjustments at any POS or back-office computer, and guarantee fast turnaround and exceptional personalised customer service.

Show your customers you care

Keek record of each your customer’s preferences, habits, and past purchases, and keep your service personal. Keep track of your frequent customers’ birthdays and anniversaries, size, style preference, past purchases. Send exclusive offers to clients enrolled in your loyalty program.


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