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See, understand and take action to improve your cloud efficiency, reduce costs and conserve cash with Canary IT Cloud Management Services.


We put you back in control

Canary Cloud Management Services provides organised oversight, control, administration and maintenance of public cloud, private cloud, or MultiCloud computing infrastructure, services, and resources. We give IT teams a firm hold over scalable and dynamic cloud computing environments.

We put you back in control of your data and workloads, where it makes the most fiscal sense to run them without compromising availability, performance, or security. We have an overarching cloud automation and cost optimisation mindset in all our cloud engagements.

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Our Cloud Management Services

Cost & Optimisation Services

Stay on Budget

The vast majority of cloud customers exceed their budget without realising it. With CanaryIT cloud cost optimisation services you can stay aware of your cloud costs across all levels of your organisation, at all time – not just at the end of the month when the bill arrives.

Predict & Optimise Cloud Spend

Using predictive cloud analytics we generate actionable recommendations based on your organisations’ current and historical cloud spend and use automation to optimise your cloud utilisation & environment.

Follow Best Practices Around Cost & Utilisation

Auditing & optimisation capabilities can help you build & maintain Well-Architected cloud environments.

Cost Allocation Services

Enable Stakeholder Visibility

Real-time cost reports provide a meaningful level of detail & additional insights into cloud spend.

Free Up Internal Resources

Reducing time spent performing manual billing & cost allocation tasks, which are historical in nature, frees up staff to perform value-added activities.

Track Asset Inventory

Implementing tagging policies enables inventory & accurate cloud cost allocation.

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Security & Compliance Services

Mitigate Business Risks

Proving clear insights into customers' cloud security posture to be audit-ready at all times.

Streamline Remediation Processes

Fast service delivery & mitigation of security & configuration issues.

Security & Compliance Best Practices

Driving governance and setting granular policies and permissions.

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