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Canary Technology Solutions Creates $25M IT Services Play by IT Consult, Diversus Group and BCPrise

May 18, 2022

Canary Technology Solutions launches today, bringing together three established businesses - IT Consult, Diversus Group and BCPrise - to form a major new player in the Australian IT services market with annual revenues of $25 million, and significant growth ambition

The new company is the realisation of a multi-year growth strategy led by IT Consult co-founders Steve Parsonage and Bill Henderson that has doubled revenue, more than tripled staff numbers, and resulted in a substantially expanded range of offerings and customer base.

“We’re excited to take and build on the strong heritage of the three established businesses, where the ‘sum of the parts’ creates substantial opportunities to expand and grow. We have a measured growth strategy that sees us continue the organic growth of  the key pillars of Canary, while also actively exploring additional expansion opportunities via the merger or acquisition (M&A) of other Australian channel businesses.  It’s ‘game on’ for Canary - and we’re only just getting started,” said Steve Parsonage, CEO, Canary Technology Solutions.

Canary Technology Solutions is the rebranded result of two acquisitions of established businesses by IT Consult and the novation of local resources from an international retail software vendor:

  • Diversus Group - a specialist in cloud, information management and data storage consultancy, and NetApp’s largest certified delivery partner in Australia. All 18 staff have joined Canary and will sit in the Canary Cloud and Data division, which is led by former Diversus Group CEO, Chris 'Cyril' Starsmeare.
  • BCPrise - a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central specialist, with five staff that have joined the Canary ERP and POS division. LS Retail’s POS system is designed for retailers using Business Central, creating significant synergies with the BCPrise business.
  • LS Retail - a provider of management software solutions and POS systems. IT Consult previously onboarded the in-region sales and technical capability of LS Retail, with three people transitioning to the Canary ERP and POS division. LS Retail continues to operate as a standalone entity in other international markets.

The new corporate brand identity is a nod to IT Consult’s roots as a provider dedicated to protecting and preserving one of the most valuable assets that customers have: their data. 

Canary Technology Solutions calls on the ‘canary in the coalmine’, where miners took birds into the tunnels as an early warning to the release of dangerous gases from the surrounding rocks. This draws parallels to Canary Technology Solutions’ role in the early detection of threats to data, and protecting systems and the information contained within them.

IT Consult already had partner accreditation with Microsoft and NetApp but significantly expands those partnerships in its new guise as Canary Technology Solutions. Diversus Group, for example, has over 55% share of professional services for NetApp in Australia, giving Canary Technology Solutions a much more substantial presence in the NetApp ecosystem.

Canary Technology Solutions operates as four integrated key pillars: Canary Cloud and Data, Canary Cybersecurity, Canary ERP and POS, and Canary Managed Services.

  • Canary Cloud and Data encompasses public, private and hybrid cloud expertise, as well as data protection services.
  • Canary Cybersecurity acts to protect data assets from security threats and to make data quickly recoverable in the event of an incident.
  • Canary Managed Services is part of IT Consult’s traditional business, offering everything-as-a-service, from storage, compute and other infrastructure, to networks and voice.
  • Canary ERP and POS offers fully integrated POS solutions in retail and hospitality businesses that use Microsoft Business central as their ERP system.

“We are very excited to join Canary Technology Solutions,” said Chris “Cyril” Stearsmere, Canary Technology Solutions, General Manager Cloud.  “Diversus Group’s core competencies, strategic vendor focus, and our enterprise and government verticals very much align with Canary IT. The combined internal skills, capabilities and the longevity of our key partnerships such as NetApp, sets a solid foundation to bring a rich set of tools and capabilities to support customers on their journey to cloud.”

Canary Technology Solutions customers include enterprise clients spanning across a wide range of verticals such as finance, health, construction, not for profit as well as local, state and Federal Government.


About Canary Technology Solutions

At Canary Technology Solutions, we help businesses advance digital transformation through our industry-leading technology solutions and IT support services.  Our core pillars include: Canary Cloud and Data, Canary Cyber Security, Canary ERP and POS, and Canary Managed Services.  Canary was formed through the bringing together of IT Consult, Diversus Group and BCPrise.  For more information, visit

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